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        The only cask-brewed soy sauce in China !
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        Company profile
                Suzhou Jicheng Brewing Industry Co., LTD comes out to be one of the best enterprises among the same trade with its top-ranking equipment, advance technique, strict management, solid scientific and technological strength and reliable quality.
                The Japanese brewing technique of long-period low –temperature high-salt and diluted state fermentation was introduced to produce healthy, clean and delicate organic soy sauce with pure color, thick aroma and mellow taste from main raw materials of high-quality defatted soy and wheat planted in bases of organic food through 8 to 12 months fermentation in giant casks and ultra-filtration and instantaneous high-efficiency sterilization by special equipment.
                With a constantly expanding exporting market, the product of the company has been sold to United States, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong etc. In recent years, Jicheng soy sauce had supplied to the flight meals of Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. We are now focused on creating a foreign market and greatly expand the domestic market to establish stable business relationship with mutual benefit.

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        The only cask-brewed soy sauce in China !
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