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        The only cask-brewed soy sauce in China !
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        Cask-brewed soy sauce  
        Ji Cheng sauce industry has a long history
           The Japanese brewing technique of long-period low –temperature high-salt and diluted state fermentation was introduced to produce healthy, clean and delicate organic soy sauce with pure color, thick aroma and mellow taste from main raw materials of high-quality defatted soy and wheat planted in bases of organic food through 8 to 12 months fermentation in giant casks and ultra-filtration and instantaneous high-efficiency sterilization by special equipment.
        Process Flow of Brewing Jicheng Soy Sauce in Casks
        Selecting high-quality raw materials
        Elaborate treatment and aerated Koji-making of high-quality defatted organic soy and wheat
        Cask fermentation
        Normal-temperature high-salt and diluted state fermentation in special giant casks for 6-12 months
        High-pressure press
        Obtaining liquid from the paste through high-pressure press
        High-temperature sterilization
        Obtaining refined pure soy sauce through high-temperature sterilization and filtration
        High-quality end product
        Obtaining high-quality soy sauce for baking eel and edible soy sauce
        Modern technological process
        JiCheng Brew sauce inductry
        The only cask-brewed soy sauce in China !
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